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Feminism is Alive and Well in Ohio

Seems feminist activism is hitting its stride in Ohio. Let's work backwards, rehashing the past couple of feminist months starting with the most recent actions I've been made aware of:

  • Sometime over the weekend (May 16 & 17), feminists and allies exposed two "Pregnancy Decision Health Centers" for what they are. At 5900 Cleveland Ave in Columbus:

And at 4111 W Broad Street:

These "Pregnancy Decision Health Centers" aren't about allowing women to make decisions about their pregnancy at all. They're about denying women choice. From the Feminist Women's Health Center:

"Most anti-abortion centers will not give out information by phone, they insist you come into their office. Women have reported waiting up to an hour for the results of a pregnancy test and being forced to watch anti-abortion videos while they wait surrounded by anti-abortion propaganda. Some women have then been denied the results of their pregnancy test when they say they want an abortion or that they need the test result to apply for medical assistance.

They show shocking and misleading films and pictures of mutilated fetuses and stillborn babies. They won't let women leave until the end of the video or until they have looked at all the anti-abortion information, even when the woman realizes she has made a mistake going there.

Women describe being harassed, intimidated, and given blatantly false information, or being forced to pray with the crisis pregnancy center's staff. They complain that their confidential information was used against them. In some cases, they were followed home, and mail and phone calls intruded into their homes.*"


On April 30th, 2009,
Feministe covered these clinics

Here are some real Women's Health Resources:

In Ohio, Women's Health Clinics providing all pregnancy care including abortion.

Complete Family Planning, Sexual, and Pregnancy Care, including abortion at
Planned Parenthood.

Pretty comprehensive information about abortion online:

  • On Friday the 15th, in Columbus, a group of activists got together and marched to raise awareness about violence against women. Most marchers marched along sidewalks, and bike supporters circled, blowing whistles. Along the way the marchers handed out literature with facts about the issue, and what folks can do in their own communities. A fight broke out at the end of the night when a bystander called a woman a faggot and attacked her physically. Protesters broke up the fight. Marchers interact with some bros: * Pictures provided by Annie*

  • On Thursady, May 14th, Take Back the Night was held by a student group at Ohio State University, Womyn and Allies Rising in Resistance. Hundreds of feminists and allies attended. The event included the speakers, tablers, a rally, a march, a speakout where survivors could share their experiences with violence, and the clothesline project allowing survivors of violence to create a t-shirt communicating their experiences or feelings surrounding their experience with violence. Here's the march:
    And a shirt from the Clothesline Project:

  • Tucker Max appeared at OSU, protested by many feminists and allies, leading to continued pressure on Ohio State's campus to contribute money to helping survivors, since they spent an unnamed amount of money promoting rape culture with Tucker Max's appearance. OSU has refused to disclose the amount, even thought student dollars went to it, and other universities in Ohio maintain it must be disclosed as a Public Record. See one of our bloggers post about it here.

  • Sexual Assault Awareness month was kicked off April 1 with a controversial "Someone Was Raped Here" spraypaint campaign.

  • And a follow-up here.

Keep up the good work activists of all stripes! Feminist love and solidarity is with you!

Any hopes for what future actions will include? Share with us in the comments section.