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We got some great coverage over at the Other Paper for the reporting we did below on the Raped Here campaign.

They had a valid critique. We didn't promote what *you* can do to help or get involved! Or resources for survivors.

We have links along the side, but I'll add them here.

If you're a survivor, and you want an advocate, or someone to talk to, or have questions of any type, check out SARNCO's website. Or their helpline: (614) 267-7020

If you're a survivor, feminist, or feminist ally, and you want to share your story or have discussions about community safety, check out the safe space forum at:

If you want to get active in the local feminist community, check out a meeting of WARR, Womyn and Allies Rising in Resistance. They meet Tuesdays on OSU's campus. They're planning a week of action against sexual assault.
They're also working on planning Take Back the Night.
And, they're working on a campaign to create a fund to help survivors pay for hospital costs.

E-mail them at warrosu@gmail.com

Also, please do check out our "Guide to Direct Action".

Let us know if you've got a group or a link you want included!