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What woman?

On my way to work this morning, I saw this bumper sticker on the car in front of me:

How Come America?
We brake for animals,
we save the seals and protect the whales,
and We murder our unborn children?

My jaw dropped. I should be used to this anti-choice rhetoric by now, living in America. But somehow, it still gets to me. In all of it, all the slogans all the chants, where is the voice of the woman whose life is affected?

Okay, first of all, how many Americans actually break for animals, save the seals, and protect the whales? Most Americans LOVE eating animals. And they don't want to pay a lot for the meat. So... commercial farming was born. On these commercial farms, animals are treated like shit. Those people don't go to jail. They aren't punished at all. They're actually rewarded with money.

The seals, yeah, we should save the seals... but instead, the US Coast Guard says, we "dump 422000 tons of garbage into US waters every year." And whales... protect? Really? Then why do sites like this exist?

No worries, I'll just make a few adjustments:

How Come America?
We eat animals,
we dump trash on seals and harpoon the whales,
and we murder our unborn children?

Alright, it's a little more accurate. Now let's discuss that last line.

murder - the unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another.

Nope. It's lawful. Plus there's the questionable "human being"ness. Which brings us to the next part...

unborn children Is it a child, really? We can argue this until we're blue in the face. No one knows when life starts because it's a matter of opinion. Everyone has their own opinion on when life starts, and that's cool. Let's let everyone make up their own minds and choose for themselves.

Now, for my favorite word from that last sentence: our. Yep. Not your. OUR. Sends women a clear message: we own you and everything you carry inside you. Now come here and make me a sandwich... and a baby!

Look, if we take away a woman's right to choose, we turn women into baby making slaves. But then, maybe that's what we want. I mean, what value does a woman have? BABY MAKING POWER!! So let's not recognize her clearly proven sentience and respect her choices to not have a baby. No... let's worry about "saving" the fetus growing in her so it can grow up with a mother who doesn't want it or be put up for adoption in a world that's overpopulated.

If some of these crazy, extremist "pro-lifers" would just spend their anti-abortion money on adopting children and at least noticing that there are real women in real pain involved in every abortion instead of making women hate themselves, and bombing abortion clinics, maybe I would actually believe their claim to be "pro-life."

How Come America?
We eat animals,
we dump trash on seals and harpoon the whales,
and we murder women's dreams and aspirations?


deryik said...

i dont remember what the source is, but i guess around 80% or more of pro-lifers are men, men who will never ever get pregnant. so sad actually.

i cant stand this, really. if they r so pro-life, they have the mother's life to be "pro" for. they can also be up for her life, guarentee that she enjoys it fully.

and if they r so pro-life, they should stand up against the war. that fetus they saved is dying AND killing for no apparent reason. and (s)he is killing pregnant women, and the fetus in them and the father. its not enough to say "oh our soldiers are dying so this should stop", i want them to say "oh our soldiers are killing so this should stop!".

the sad part is, u can make a list of logical points for discussion and all they say is "yea u can talk all this sh*t cos ur mom didnt abort u." wow, what a response.