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Beauty standards are UGLY!!!

(Ok, I'm going to preface this blog a little bit so it makes sense to people who dont know me. I recently broke my nose in a bike wreck, though luckily the break was clean and I just needed stitches. I went to a plastic surgeon this morning to have the stitches taken out, just as my doctor ordered. Here's what happened.)

Plastic surgery offices gross me out. So does China.
Seriously. I spent like 40 minutes getting quizzed by doctors whose faces looked 20 even though they were probably 50 and billed god knows how much while they did it, all so they could take 17 seconds to cut and pull some threads out of my face.

And by quizzed I mean them trying to talk me into getting a nose job.

My nose isn't even crooked from the break. It healed clean and you wouldn't know it was broken if I didn't tell you (or whine about it hurting so much). These fucks kept trying to make me feel ugly though. Why? So they could use my insecurities to take my money. That's the only reason these beauty standards exist. Why can't other people see that?

And the people running the front desk were equally gross. It sickens me to think that people really hate the way they look so much that they would seriously cut their bodies up and infuse it with plastic. I think the way they look now is ugly. They dont even look human. They look weird and alien like, I suppose that's the way tabloid America wants us to look, but it just baffles me that other women buy into that shit. It looks fake, manufactured and non-human. No one's face looks like that naturally, and what the hell is beautiful about an ideal that no one personifies?

And another thing sort of related that's gross- China hosting the Olympics. I mean, I'm not even here to bitch about all their human rights violations, like organ selling death camps, denying to serve black or Malaysian people in their restaurants, or throwing more than 50,000 people from their homes so they could build that fucking stadium. That's still kind of old news to me. just as disgusting, but I've heard it all before.

This morning, on the way to the doctor's office, I heard on the radio that the young girl who sang some song at the Olympics stadium actually lip synced, because the Chinese government thought the girl who actually sang it was too ugly to appear on national TV. Yeah. She was an eight year old keep in mind. Jesus fuck.

People disgust me, and their beauty standards are really, really ugly.