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Introducing... Columbus Accountability Action Collective

African American men are ten times as likely to be incarcerated. Police periodically mishandle domestic violence calls. Women and men of color are routinely victimized be police and court "justice" systems because of their race or ethnicity.

Columbus needs an alternative to systems that have failed us time and time again, leaving women and survivors of abuse and assault trapped in dangerous situations, without justice, and abusers without rehabilitation.

The Community Accountability Action of Columbus Ohio is a new alternative to the prison industrial complex, who wishes to work to meet the needs of survivors in our community and ensure that rapists and abusers begin the process of changing abusive behavior and unlearning rape culture. We have modeled ourselves after collective movements across the United States such as Philly's Pissed/Philly Stands Up, Denver on Fire, and Incite! Women of Color Against Violence.

We are members of the Columbus community who are fed up with abuse and assault in our communities and will work to make our communities safe. We will do this by helping to meet the immediate needs of survivors and ensuring that abusers know that their behavior will not be tolerated, because in the end, the only that will stop violence is when our communities no longer tolerate it.

If you are in need of help or are interested in helping us out please contact us at caac@arawakcity.org and please see our website for more information http://www.caac-acity.webs.com