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Tempe 12: Misogynists who score a perfect 10, plus 2 for pretending to be empowering women

You ever have a class with a guy who won't stop degrading and belittling women? And you think to yourself, this guy's a perfect 10 on the misogy-meter. Then you start talking to him a little more... and you find out he thinks he respects women, and claims to be working to empower women through this magazine he makes. Hell yeah! Score plus 2 to the misogy-meter reading!! That's a misogynist piece of shit.

Meet David Freedman.

David Freedman is a real 12, he made a misogyny filled calendar, called Tempe 12, and is super proud. To quote their website, "Tempe12, started by David Freedman, is a swimsuit calendar that features the HOTTEST girls from the Pac-10 and Big Ten universities. When's the last time you had 12 girls in your bedroom?"

What? Women = objects? What?

But wait, they want you to know... they won't objectify just any hot girl:
"these girls are not just pretty faces on the wall. They are kind, intelligent, driven individuals with a bright future."

Ah yes... you clearly see women as real people. Thanks for clearing that up.

A while back, Freedman did and interview with the Oregon Daily Emerald:
    But the calendar, which has the largest circulation of any college publication in the country, may seem to fall victim to degrading young women in a culture of "Girls Gone Wild" and Hugh's Playmates on "Girls Next Door."

    Though Freedman claimed that "Girls Gone Wild" producer Joe Francis is "genius" from a business standpoint, he has his own vision. Francis has faced criminal charges for exposing underage, drunken girls in his videos.
Francis may do shady, hateful things to women... but from a business standpoint, he's awesome!! And that's all that really matters to us privileged white dudes anyway.
    "We take pride in being sexy and classy," Freedman said. "It's a girl in a bikini. The same girls who get offended I am pretty sure wear a bikini when they go to the beach or a swimming pool. …People need to get over it."
You putting women in bikini's and making them look like objects for men's sexual pleasure (while noting they have brains too... three cheers for you ya little budding feminist) is NOT AT ALL THE SAME as women choosing to go to the beach wearing a bikini. If you think it is, you're a moron.
    "We aren't looking to put girls in a compromising position," he said. "It's not about objectifying women..."
OH! You're NOT objectifying women?! Phew. You should've stated that earlier, that would've saved us a lot of being degraded and sexually abused because of the way our society views women as objects, not as real people we need to respect, thanks, in part, to sexist bullshit like this "calendar" you're putting out.
    "Everything that I produce I want to be able to show my grandmother and be proud of it."

Is that right? Well, where does your dear grandmother live?

If you would like to talk to David Freedman, his number is 480.829.9292 or 480.965.9311and his email is david@tempe12.com