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The Media Hates Women: Vol. 1

When you go to DeclareYourself.com this image fills your browser window:

The caption says, "only you can silence yourself" and it's asking you to register to vote. Vomit. My first thought when I saw this (after I vomited) was: where do I UNregister to vote?! Then, talking to another radical feminist, I realized, if she were making a statement AGAINST this election and how women are treated... it's pretty fucking brilliant. All we need to do is relabel it!!

So it's contest time!! Who can come up with the best label for this picture? Here are some we came up with:

Don't bother to vote: this is how they'll listen to women's voices once the votes have been counted.

This is what they do to you when they think you're sexy. Try not to imagine what they do to women they hate.

Only you can silence yourself; obviously, I put the tape over my mouth first, then laid tape in strips on the ground, got naked, and rolled around, then I stood up turtle-style and applied eye liner using my feet while thinking, "Why didn't I do the make up before the tape??"

What are your relabeling ideas?