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G.A.Y. Sign outside Havens Corners

Looks like someone more loving and accepting than Reverend Dave Allison wanted to have a go at the church sign at Havens Corners Church. (Looks like they did it in a slightly more permanent way that the sign is used to.) I bet the people of Havens Corners are praying hard for the people who snuck a little bit of gayness into this message of God's love and adoration of all.

**edit** Apparently The Other Paper thinks we took credit for this action just because we sent them an email letting them know about it so they could do a follow up. And, I guess they think we're a "sinister group [who] used cans of spray paint to thoughtfully convey their side of the theological debate." Haha! **end edit**


Matt said...

I like the site. And the quiz below as well. GO FEMINIST AVENGERS!

BecKling said...

Thank you