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The future of activism.

Due to the recent vandalism of that church sign (for those who aren't up with the feminist blogging world, here's the original sign, and the vandalized sign) and the subsequent mixed feelings on feministing, I thought I'd do a little blog about my $0.02 concerning this action:

We can't do that. It's wrong.

IMHO, it is an outrage that someone would destroy another person's property. Not only does it make the homos look bad and make it seem like all homosexuals are destructive and disrespectful, it also hurts capitalism (:-O !!) because now these people have to spend time and/or money cleaning their sign. Tisk tisk angry radicals who did this.

Why can't we stop taking actions like this and admit that the future of activism is...

BLOGGING!! Seriously, think about it (let's make a list!!):
  • No more meeting with those crazy anarchist activists who want to destroy capitalism, patriarchy, and religion (and have tattoos concerning all of these things!!)
  • No more wasting time trying to get everyone to agree on what action to take. (a stupid thing they call concensus.)
  • No more doing illegal, harmful, destructive things that don't have any point anyway.
  • To blog, I don't even have to leave my house!!
  • Plus I can watch "The Daily Show" and "The Colbert Report" and get my TV news fix while reading all the blog news and posting on my own!!
  • When I post online and tell all of the other feminists about my opinions, I'm creating REAL changes.
  • We can all communicate with each other through this series of blogs that we all have, and no one else reads them, so it's like this cool underground secret things (like the underground railroad or something - lolz!!)
  • If I (accidentally, of course, I don't see color or gender) say something kinda sexist, heteronormative, or racist... I can say someone hacked into my account! Problem solved! J/K. But for realz, you can all catch my mistake, we can talk about it, and I can better myself as a person without encountering a black/queer/female person and accidentally saying these offensive things to his/her gay/straight, black/white face. (Being pc all the time is hard! See how confusing that sentence looks now?! Another problem with radicals!)
What I think we all should have done concerning this ignorant pastor and his homo hating ways, is to write about it in our blogs. Maybe some people will read our blogs and be moved enough to send him an angry letter! That would surely do more to influence this man than when these extremists go and spray paint the sign. That's just going to make him feel justified in his speaking out against homosexuality.

"In Extreme cases, when others refuse to acknowledge our needs or persist in doing unconscionable, harmful things, we intercede by whatever means are necessary-- not on behalf of Justice or revenge, but simply to represent our own interests." - fighting for our lives

Ok, seriously now... I like blogging. Obviously, this is a blog. Blogging/Reading blogs is an improtant tool of communication, and it keeps me thinking about feminist issues in different ways.

But I do not think it is the "future of activism." It is worthy of it's critiques. Critiques suggesting it's an echo chamber, or a stand-in for activism, or preaching to the choir, etc.

I think a good point was made in the comments on the feministing post about the church vandalism (linked above).

A commenter says that we can't just blog about what conservatives are doing to make the news! We have to make the news!

I love activism because it (contrary to popular belief) produces real results!

As such, I'm going to give you a little direct activism tutorial so you can see what I mean. Instead of blogging today, take or plan an action!!